I'm a casual player and usually play 2-headed giant format with my friends. I've been playing since 97 and just missed the good old series. I like to play decks and cards that are not too overpowered but that do have a lot of synergy between them. I like to work for the win without the use of easy winners. Below are some of the decks I'm working on...

I'm looking to create a deck starring perplexing chimera and homeward path and then any other cards that might help or are in the same line as that idea. in my tapped out account you can see what it is so far, but I would like to get 2 more perplexing chimeras!

I'm also trying to create a deck that only plays cards that let you draw a card when it resolves or comes onto the battlefield like hobble or wall of omens/blossoms

I just finished a dragon deck (see tapped out) with, well, dragons of course, and I would like to start changing the charms for the dragonlord commands - so if you have a spare, you can send me! No dragons needed anymore for this one, thanks to all of you who have sent, unless you can send me a dragonlord silumgar or dromoka!

Last deck that could use additions is a green/white/black outlast/bolster deck - see the cards in my wishlist or otherwise cards that boost creatures with +1/+1 counters on them.

Favorite colors: White/Blue/Green/Black (I don't like red unless it's a multi-color card) and I have an interest as well in artifacts/artifact creatures that I can put in my casual 5 color (for etched oracle card draw) artifact deck -see tapped out link.

In the format that we play there is usually time enough to play cards with 3 or more colors so I get to play the cards I like or gives me the possibility to play multi-card combos that require 3 or more cards on the table. I almost always run decks with 3 or more colors so any General type cards or interesting multi-color sorceries or enchantments are always welcome.

Finally, please don't send me board clearers like wrath



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