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Started playing in 1994. Stopped in 1997 for some years.
Not the last years I am very active with playing and collecting.

Now I am just collecting for decks I have/make
I have 8 commander decks

Thinking about creating a deck with only cards send by you peeps :) If you have an idea for a deck, send the suggestion in the pack you make!

I have 12 casual decks),
No more draft decks, killed them all last week!

You can always make me happy with extra attackfase cards in any color of narset ;)

Love the old series the most, don't bother sending ice age or fallen empires, I have them all :'(
Don't bother sending me foils, I have to many and only like some of them because of the prints, the rest is for give away. Every pack I send, will have a foil in it!

My favorite card is the Sol Ring, but only original printing as from Alpha, Beta, Unl. and Revised; recieved 1 so far, but more are welcome ;)!
On Second Place: Vesuvan Doppelganger recieved one so far, you can never have enough of this card!

Many sorts of cards make me happy :) especially if they are playable in commander :) Also Revised cards are more then welcome, trying to get them all back together, there it was the first set I started with!

Please no more cicle of protection :'( they make me cry! and I am serieous, I hate those cards...... I Don't care how good the rest in the pack is!! If there is a circle of protection in it, I will give you the lowest rating and the photo will have a burning circle of protection next to the other cards (who will remain unharmed)! :p
Or if you just want to see a burning circle of protection in the photo, send me one with a note that you inserted it as a joke as 16th card and that you want to see it burn :p Because I do have humor :p



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