Started Magic in the good old days with Revised.

I prefer to play magic in such a way that everybody enjoyed their game (so no locks, infinite combo's, tutoring, etc.). I strongly prefer English cards, although for some of my favourites (see below) I won't mind at all if they are in a different language.

My favourite Magic sub-types are Sealed and EDH. Some of my favourite cards are
- Polymorph (the Mirage version with the flavour text - what were they thinking when they removed it?)
- Garruk Wildspeaker (I collect him because he is my favourite Planeswalker)
- Cultural exchange (sure, I will trade my tokens for your best creatures)
- The series 'hunted' creatures (Hunted dragon/phantasm/troll etc. - I love helping one opponent and getting a nice creature for myself in return)

My favourite decks, to give you some idea of the things I like can be found in the links below:
Riku leads a deck which is a mixture of helping your opponents and chaos.
Sapling of colfenor leading a deck crammed which creatures, and unorthodox ways of cheating them into play.
Ninjutsu is way too much fun not to deserve its own deck. This one is themed around unstoppable ninja's (nearly all of them are in the deck), and using your opponents best spells against them.

I am not really looking for many cards (making this list below was tough), but I do plan to use the MTG crossing boosters for booster-battles... If you still have no clue what to send me: I usually love the art that Johannes Voss and Terese Nielsen (like Descendants' Path and Sword to Plowshares) produce.


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