MTG Crossing Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be part of MTG Crossing. Please note that your use of MTG Crossing is subject to the guidelines below and our Terms & Conditions.

On being a member

1 · Be friendly.
MTG Crossing is a global community with many types of people who may think differently from you, so always be polite and respectful of other members. Be mindful of their views, cultural backgrounds, age, religious beliefs, etc.
2 · Be generous.
The fun of MTG Crossing depends on the quality of the packs sent, so please pick your cards with care.
3 · Your address is important.
For MTG Crossing to work well, providing a complete and correct address including name is very important. It is your responsibility to keep your address correct and up-to-date at all times.
4 · Use your profile to write about yourself.
Your profile is the place where others can learn more about you, so please enter a few sentences. You can list which cards you would like to receive on your wishlist or explain in your profile what you are looking for (e.g. favorite colours, favourite deck archetypes, favorite artists, specific language, foils, tribes, etc.).
5 · Use English.
In order for others to understand you, please use English in your profile.
6 · You're older than 13, or have permission.
If you are under 13 years old, you must use the website under the supervision of an adult and with due consent from your parent or legal guardian.
7 · Holidays? Busy? Moving? Set account to inactive.
If you know you are going to be away for some time (for example: on holiday, a business trip, etc), you should set your account to inactive in advance. This way there will be no delays on registration and no packs will get lost.
8 · Login regularly to maintain your account active.
Accounts which are not used in 60 days are set to inactive automatically so that they are not selected to receive packs.

On sending packs

1 · Send your packs.
Always send a pack to each address you request from MTG Crossing. There are no exceptions to this. The receiver is dependent on you to receive packs back, so please send it as soon as possible.
2 · Don't forget the basics: Pack Identifier, address, return address and postage.
Write the address and the Pack Identifier clearly and exactly as they are given to you by MTG Crossing, and always include enough postage. Don't forget to include a return address.
3 · Keep private information private.
The addresses given to you are private information and can only be used for MTG Crossing purposes. Do not share them with anyone or make them public in any way.
4 · Mail can be a rough ride.
Make sure the cards are packed sturdy enough to be transported in the mail to prevent damage in transit. In some countries mail can take longer to arrive - this is normal and to be expected, so please be patient. Also, mail can sometimes get lost, damaged or delayed - unfortunately MTG Crossing cannot help with that.

On receiving packs

1 · All packs must be registered.
These include those that might have disappointed you - all packs must be registered, no exceptions. If you receive a pack without or with a wrong Pack Identifier, MTG Crossing can help you. If you've received an item that you feel is unsuitable for the service, you should report it to MTG Crossing and we'll look into it.
2 · Register packs on arrival.
When a pack arrives, you should register it as soon as possible, since the sender is dependent on you to be able to receive a pack back. Never register a pack that hasn't arrived yet; if you see requests otherwise, please report it to us!