Hello my name is Wijnand, I am a collector since 1994 so pretty "old" skool ;)
I collect complete sets, so far I completed everything between Revised and Darksteel so what I would really like to receive is:

1) (Good) commons/uncommons/rares from:

Saviors of kamigawa
Planar chaos

2) Any cards from Alpha/Beta/Unlimited/Legends/Arabian Nights/Antiquities

3) Full Art lands from Zendikar/Unglued/Unhinged

4) Unlimited/Alpha/Beta basic land (not revised please)

5) Nice playable commons/uncommons from any set (Ponder,Brainstorm, Lightning bolt, Serum visions, Cranial plating, Steelshaper’s Gift etc)

6) Cards from my wishlist (only if you have the specific set from that card pls)

7) Altered cards (Love them also the terrible selfmade ones :D )

8) See my nedermagic page in the link above for all my wants

What I don't like:

Commons/uncommons from the latest sets (between avacyn-khans)
Foreign cards

Some remarks:

If you have empty slots don't worry too much just surprise me, I have over 500 wants but I can only include 36, so if you sent cards from any of the sets mentioned above, big chance it's still a want.
When I receive a nice booster I will return you the favour in time ;)



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