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Hello there!

I am Martijn, a "veteran" of 5 years now. At the moment I am on a bit of a Magic hiatus, but I mostly play Standard and Limited (going to GP Amsterdam next year for Team Sealed!) Modern is an on and off format for me, need too many cards still :P

Besides stuff from my wish list I also like the following:
- Anything foil of Chandra / related to Chandra
- promos (preferably from before 2013)
- textless cards
- oversized cards
- foil basic land
- full art land
- foil full art land (duh! :P)
- Non-English (foil) (fullart) basic land
- snowcovered land
- older tokens (before Innistrad)
- foils with flames or fire on them
- your absolute worst Mythic :D
- unhinged / unglued / unstable anything
- overpowered cards (like Black Lotus, but from the World Championship decks, don't want to ruin you :P)

I also would like to start collecting Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded in any shape or form ;)

Till we cross again!

PS: I was unable to change the Lotus Petal in my wants to the normal one, but that was the one I meant (however, I will also gladly accept the Invention version of it :P)


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