I mostly play Standard but I am working on Legacy Pox, Tendrils and Reanimator of which I especially need the good commons/uncs (hymn, smallpox, edict) my girlfriend collects foils so any of those will always be welcome, and I myself am working on a commander deck called Progenitus's Harem wich has Progenitus as Commander and a Harem of hot sexy chika's with good abilities, the Harem has a cardholder of it's own and there are quite a number of changes made continuously. (The harem will never contain elves or angels, there's other places for those, we call it the graveyard and exile.) I'll update my tapped-out account to show the cards already in the harem.

wishlist explanation: the expensive cards I am willing to take any playable version, I don't mind if the card is poor 2/5 aslong as it is playlegal, cuz that is what I intend to do.
the Nymphs, I want to collect FOIL for Progenitus harem, Foreign is pimp in my world! (but then I don't want to be able to read it, so russian chineese, korean, japaneese, etc, are all fine with me.)

I like to build weird and freaky decks, pouper stuff is more than welcome, and I don't mind playsets of something blockbased to work with.



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