Hello fellow MTGCrosser!

I'm Mark, a Dutch casual player, head moderator of the Bazaar of Magic forum (bazaarofmagic.nl) and level 1 judge. I usually judge Prereleases and play mostly Commander, sometimes Pauper Commander, and every now and then a draft at the FNM in the Bazaar of Magic in Delft.

I collect the card Lord Magnus from Legends (English and Italian) and foil Imagecrafter from Onslaught (all languages). Besides that I like any foil and/or promo. Oh, en (Return to) Zendikar full art land! :) Also I like wacky rares, good cards, fun cards, and big surprises. :)

Oh, and I don't care about the serie the card on my want list is coming from. If you have the card, but from another set: no problem!

If you have some empty slots left, I prefer it not to be commons from recent sets. The older, the better! If you are still at a loss, try adding a theme to the booster (all black cards, all Krakens, all rares, all Homelands (ok, please don't do that :p), all cards starting with the same name or anything you think is just cool to receive! I can't wait to see it and either be inspired to build a deck around it or at the very least let it bring a smile to my face :).



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