I Dislike Damaged Cards. I'd like the old versions of the medallions and the new versions of the Snow-lands.

I also like Playaable foils, but then again who doesn't.

I mainly wand to play Legacy & Commander, but I miss alot of older stapels, since I wand to start up a personal collection aswell.

I'm a fan of old cards such as: Hymn to tourarch, Pox, Spelljack, Spirit of the Night etc., Besides that I like the better playables from newer sets. Please if you can't find wants or have couple spots in the pack, try to enter some nice Uncommons (SOM Block and earlyer), or some nice crap rares from 1998-2006, instead of random commons.

Big Cards, Brutal Cards, but also small cute stuff, like nimble mongoose, Birds of Pradise, Shadowmage infiltrator, etc. .



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