My name is Lex and I'm a computer science teacher at a high school in Den Bosch. I started playing Magic in 2009 just before the release of Zendikar but at that time I only really bought stuff from the Lorwyn / Morningtide block. My first deck was a mono green elf tribal deck. After seeing the cards, my mother started to call me Elvish Preshley, a name that I now use for all magic related stuff.

I really love building commander decks and playing commander games. You can often find me on Thursdays at "'t Lab" in Utrecht.

I also started a magic playgroup with some of my students. Because of their low spending budget I allow them to build decks from my spare cards. After mentioning this to friends, they started donating cards for my students, which is really great. Some of my students are really hooked on the game and even play at FNM's now!

Some more info:
Creatures are my favorite card type.
Black and green my favorite colors.
I like tribal cards and graveyard effects
I rather have non-foil / non-promo versions of cards.
I prefer black bordered cards.
I only play and collect English cards.



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